3 Layer Filter Floss

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This Filter Floss catches detritus yet allows for the maximum amount of flow. Thicker than other similar poly filters available so you use less. No more doubling or tripling up, use one cut square on top of your inTank Media Basket, or inside your sump, hang on back filter, canister filter, pond, terrarium or other filter. The Value Pack includes a very generous amount that will last a long time with normal use. Easily cut to fit with a household scissors.

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  • CLEAN – CLEAR – WATER THE EASY WAY. INCLUDES 3 HUGE blue and white bonded sheets for a long supply
  • FITS HUNDRES OF FILTERS FOR FRESHWATER, SALTWATER AND PONDS. Easily cut the sheets to fit your desired size
  • INTANK PREMIUM THICKNESS | Other brands try and copy with classifying incorrect thinner pads. Each sheet is about 10″ x 20″ x 1-1.5″ (thickness measured dry before packing and varies by batch) inTank Pads are classified as 2 INCH
  • Easy to cut to fit and change | Only takes seconds | Replace or rinse as needed keeps your aquarium water clean and clear
  • Catches aquarium and pond detritus and allows for proper water flow in your filter

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