Ocean Free Nature Earth

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Nature Earth introduces the wholesome goodness only found in the wild river-beds and natural water bodies into your Arowana /Stingray aquariumA 100% natural extract from rich volcanics earth and river bed deposits formed through the ages,it contains a comprehensive range of morethan 108 trace mineral elements commonly lacking in home aquarium environment. While Arowanas /stingrays can survive with some minerals deficiency,Nature Earth helps prevent problems caused by mineral deficiencies like cellular breakdown and reduced functionality of the fishe’s immune system and organs by replenishing essential trace minerals. This replenishment encourages accelerated fish growth ,vitality,intensified fish coloration and strengthened immune system
Nature Earth also aids in developing improved appetite and digestion for these carnivorous fishes,thus providing further benefits to your Arowana/Stingray’s health and appearence. Furthemore,it helps in reducing the level of harmful toxins in their digestive system Added periodically to your. Arowana/stingray aquarium or pondNature earth helps create arich,natural and safe environment only found in the wildNature earth with its multiple benefits is widely acknowledged and used by aquaris all over the world

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Water will turn cloudy for several hours to a day after Nature earth is added. Duration of cloudiness is dependent on water quality and filteration. The effect is natural and will not harm any fishes or plants

Dosage(spoon included):
Maintain water quality1g treats 100-200 litres weekly. Improve water quality1g treats 50-100 litres weekly

Treat poor water quality:
1g trats 50 litres every 3daysRepeat until water quality improves. Water change is not recommended during this period,Filter to be maintained and cleansed to remove traooed particles
clean filter with aquarium water,chlorinated water is to be avoided

Fish Feed additive
1g mixed with 100g of fish feedMix well


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