Red Ceramic Ring

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Beneficial bacteria removes ammonia and nitrites (harmful chemicals) from your aquarium. These chemicals naturally build up inside your aquarium, and if the bacteria in your tank don’t remove them, then your fish will eventually die. These bacteria need a place to live. Ceramic rings offer the perfect home for the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. Beneficial bacteria need a surface to cling to. The more surface that is available, the more bacteria that your filter media can hold. Ceramic rings increase their surface area through tiny little pores. These pores are so small that you can hardly see them without a microscope

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Fired by high temperature so as to encourage the growth of nitrifying bacteria.
Anti-corrosion and provide water of the premium quality for your fish tank.
No more hesitation, get one now.
Colour: Brownish red.
Dimension: 1.6 cm of length x 1.6 cm of dimeter.

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